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#PeopletoWatch : Susan Smit

Susan Smit is an acclaimed author, mother, spiritualist, speaker and model.

Because of her talent, charm, and allure Susan Smit is someone we would like to consider the embodiment of our brand values. Smit caught her first big break with the debut of her novel Elena's Vlucht in 2005. Her most recent novel, de Eerste Vrouw was published just recently in the beginning of October 2016. With nine nonfiction books, four novels, a collection of short stories and a novella published, Susan Smit is a true power woman who balances her talents with style and grace.

(Smit wearing the Elite Eggshell Gold Veau Tan on RTL late night)

Susan Smit's favourite Renard watches include the Elite Ocean Blue Rose Gold Link and the Elite Eggshell Gold Veau Tan. We are honoured to have such a wilful and bright woman integrate our watches into her own personal style. 


Stephanie Pot
Stephanie Pot


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