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#PeopleToWatch : Stephanie Broek

Stephanie Broek Renard Watches

Whether you recognize her for her signature style, infectious personality, or her insight into international fashion trends, Stephanie Broek is arguably one of the Netherlands largest rising fashion stars. At just 27 years old, Broek has already worked for leading fashion magazines such as Elle and Glamour, where she is currently the Fashion Features editor.  Aside from her work in print, Stephanie Broek hosts an web series by the name Hi Fashion, where she highlights upon the newest trends and big names in the fashion industry. 

You could definitely say that this girl has got it going on. That's why we decided to reach out to her in the hopes that we could learn a bit more about the girl behind the trends. 

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How do you fill your free time when not flying to international fashion weeks and editing for a leading fashion magazine?

Well to be honest, I just love to be really cosy at home. I have a bit of a yin-yang lifestyle, I attend parties and events, ect, but if I am free I just want to enjoy my time at home. I spend my time just relaxing and watching series with my boyfriend or cooking dinners for my friends. But I also don’t want to stay at home for too long… About one day and night is enough for me, after that I have to be busy again.

What is a staple item(s) in your wardrobe?

I think jackets are really the most important to me because you always have to wear them here in the Netherlands.You can literally could on one, maximum two hands how many days you don’t have to wear a jacket each year here. Also, its the first thing people notice when you walk in. I have coats in jackets in every shape and size. For example, Biker jackets, panther print, and faux fur are a few of my favourites.

What can you not leave the house without?

My phone, I know its pretty bad, but I really need it all the time. Also my laptop and my glasses.

 Its pretty funny because I actually used to always wear contact lenses. I had to wear glasses since I was about 8, and I wasn’t allowed to wear contact lenses because I was too young. Once I got old enough to wear lenses, I completely stopped wearing glasses because back then they were all pretty ugly still. One period during my time as a student, I was sitting behind the computer for such an extensive amount of time at once that it really took a toll on my eyes so I decided to take a week of detox and finally wear glasses again.

 I bought my clear glasses with glitters and I had no idea that people would react so positively! At this time I was interning at Elle and all of my colleagues told me that they looked great so I continued to wear them and never wore contact lenses again.

 Now my glasses are kind of what I am known for, but that was totally not my plan. I love to find new glasses to add to my collection.

 If you can tell us, where did the nickname Miss G come from?

Miss Glamour. Its actually quite a funny story because the name was actually passed down to me. It began with Fiona Herring, she is a well-known fashion journalist in the Netherlands and she began at Glamour in the position I now hold. They called her Miss Fi. Then there was Nathalie Wouters, who now works at Vogue, and she was the first to have the name “Miss G”. I inherited the name from her.

 How do you define style? 

I have thought about this and I think that that style is when your personality, appearance, and attitude is translated into the clothing that you wear. By just looking at you someone can already see a bit of who you are as a person.

I think style is defined by everything just suits you. Not just your clothing but your attitude and who you are overall. 

What is the most memorable show you have attended?

Up until now, quite a lot. Specifically all of the Gucci shows because Alessandro Michele, the creative director, is brilliant. He created a sort of revolution within Gucci that made it so different than it ever was, and he really thinks about what we need. That is what make his shows magical every time.

But another really unforgettable show for me was the first time I went abroad for my job, to Paris, for the Dries van Noten show. It was pretty funny because I actually had the worst place in the show. I was standing way in the back because nobody knew me yet because the Netherlands is actually quite a small country. So I stood somewhere way in the back in what was actually a very small room, and it was extremely hot. Then the models came out and they were beautiful. They walked across a carpet made of a fabric which imitated moss in a setting that truly looked like a fairytale forest in their beautifully designed Dries van Noten garments.

 Renard watches have design elements from the 60’s and 70’s, which time period would you say has most influenced your style? 

I am actually influenced by both, but if I had to chose I would chose the 70’s. The 70’s have influenced me not just in style but also I think that everything that was happening in that time period speaks to me. Freedom, environmental consciousness, and peaceful protesting.

 What do you like about RENARD? 

I actually think that they are very classic watches. You can buy one and it will always stay nice. I love timeless items because you can wear them for years and years and that is especially important for a watch.

It also just matches everything and I like that because I don’t have to worry about what I can wear it with. It also is very comfortable. It is just elegant, timeless, and stylish. Its actually an iconic model.

Stephanie wearing the Elite Champagne Gold Link Small

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Stephanie Pot


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