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#PeopleToWatch: Jeroen Bredewold

A while ago we got to sit down with one of our favourite Denimheads, Jeroen Bredewold, to talk about style, hobbies and all thing denim. Jeroen is a fun-loving guy with an great personality to match his amazing style. When he isn't working on his denim blog, you can catch him in the Levis store in Amsterdam or enjoying time with his friends and family.

When did your fascination for denim begin?

It all really started when I began working in a clothing store in Zwolle, where I am from. At the time I had no knowledge of clothes or denim in particular. A colleague of mine was totally obsessed with the whole denim world and would talk to me about unwashed denim among other things. Because of him, I began to start looking into it all for myself by taking a look at different types of denim blogs and slowly gaining more information. Eventually, within a half year I joined a blog, Stranded Sailors, which was from a friend of mine. After that, everything progressed very easily and naturally.

About a half year later, I moved to Amsterdam. Within a week after moving, I got a job at Levi’s, where I actually still work, three and a half years later. The whole process went rather quickly, within two weeks I had a job, house, and I was totally moved. After moving to Amsterdam, it was easier to meet people and I started going to a lot of events.

Besides working at Levi’s you have a fast growing blog called Blue Roots, can you tell us a bit about it?

We officially started the blog last year in February. The idea began because Stranded Sailors, the blog I was previously writing for, stopped. We knew we wanted to start something, but we weren’t exactly sure what. We basically just decided to start by coming up with a name for the blog and waiting to see how everything would unfold. Before we set the blog online, we visited the Modefabriek in order to get in contact with different brands to see if there would be any possible collaborations and to see if there was even a demand for the type of blog we had in mind. After visiting this event we realized that a good denim blog was really missing in the Netherlands.

After the Modefabriek everything went rather fast. We started our Instagram with a growth of 400 followers per week even though we didn’t really even have that much content yet. I think that we would have been more than happy with 5000 followers and a few collaborations, but within half a year we have already reached so much more. We have already collaborated with great brands like Nudie and Lee. It has almost grown too quickly for us in the beginning. All three of us still had so much to learn about the industry. We also all had fulltime jobs and lived in different parts of the Netherlands. Koen will be moving to Amsterdam soon, which is good because then we can work on the blog more often together.

Over all, everything is going really well, we are receiving more and more collaboration requests and we receive constant positive reactions. We started the blog out of pure passion and because we really felt like we missed something. It is not too commercial; we just love doing it. It’s a hobby that has gotten out of hand.  

When you aren’t contributing to your blog, what do you like to do in your spare time?

I am usually free in the evenings, but I am usually still busy with the b log or with my personal Instagram, which is also growing rapidly recently. Apart from that I don’t have much free time to do anything else. The blog really runs 24/7. You are always busy as a blogger with maximizing your likes and followers or shooting content. Because the blog is my hobby, it really takes up a large amount of my free time.

I do spend a lot of time with my girlfriend and I try to see my friends and family as much as possible. I think it’s really important that you take time for that.

 What is your favorite pair of jeans?

Oh, that’s hard! Good question. I think it would have to be my Nudie Jeans Grim Tim. That was the first pair of jeans that actually really fit me well when I began to discover the whole denim industry. Its also the oldest pair I have, they are now about 5-6 years old.

I also obviously love my Levi’s. My favorite fit is a 505 C or a 501 CD


 Besides demin, what other items are staple to your waredrobe?

Besides my daily denim items, I really like watches. Especially RENARD and Timex. I also always wear my Pig & Hen bracelet and if it is sunny, my Ray-Bans. I love shoes also. Converse, Redwings and Vans are my three brands. I only wear the older, classic models from these brands. I am really not into the new fancy sneaker game, it’s not my style.

Who would you consider your personal style icon(s)?

I really Like James Dean and Waylon as representations of old and new style icons. I love the rock n’ roll look.


 How do you define personal style? What does it mean to you?

You just have to do your own thing! Nowadays everyone walks around wearing the exact same thing just because it is “in”. You have to develop your own style and create your own look while you wearing what makes you feel good.

What do you like about RENARD?

I actually love everything about RENARD! It is special because it is not the standard watch brand that everyone walks around wearing. The watches are elegant, classy but really unique also. I think that watches can easily look very similar to one another but RENARD really has its own style and it really suits me.


Jeroen is wearing the Grande Silver Rose Gold Veau Black

Follow Jeroen on Instagram and check out his Blog


Stephanie Pot
Stephanie Pot


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