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#PeopleToWatch : Frederique Bos

Frederique Bos, also know as FAB le Frique, is without a doubt one of our favorite bloggers in the Dutch scene. This lovely lady is not just all beauty also has the brains. Her style is impeccable and her personality is even better. Keep reading to discover our personal interview with Frederique about everything from the Spice Girls to her Law degree. 

Your Instagram profile says you studied law, how did you make the switch/how long have you been interested in fashion?

 I have actually been interested in fashion for as long as I can remember. My interest was really sparked by my grandmother because she sews her own clothes. I would watch her and make my own things like hair scrunchies.

 But I didn’t follow a creative study or anything to do with fashion. I did indeed study law and for many years it was my main focus in life. My dream for a very long time was to become a lawyer for a top law firm and work in a beautiful office. I worked so hard to reach this goal that I completely lost myself. I fell into depression and was insecure about who I was and what I wanted to do. That’s when I really started beginning with Instagram. It helped me express myself and I found out that I had talent for something different than what I had studied for.

How long has your blog been active?

My blog FAB le Frique has been active for 3 years and my Instagram for about 4,5 years now.

What inspires you?

Instagram itself is a big inspiration for me. All the people I follow really inspire me in one way or another. Also the streets of Paris and Milano during Fashion Week are incredibly inspiring. Can’t wait for this September!

What does your daily routine look like?

Well I wake up rather early because my boyfriend needs to wake up early to get to the office. The first thing I usually do is let me dog out around the canals of Leiden. Back home, she gets herself a well-deserved breakfast and I’m preparing myself something to eat. That’s also the perfect time to watch some videos, look at my Instagram feed or do some whatsapping with my sister and friends. When I’m done eating, it’s time to take care of my skin and take a shower if desired. Once that’s done I start working on my e-mails and make a to-do-list for that day.

What are your current favorite brands?

I really love Stella McCartney. I feel like her brand and what it stands for really reflect in me. She practices conscious fashion by not using animal byproducts in her clothing such as leather or fur. As a vegan this really speaks to me. Also, I just really love the styling.

I am also a fan of many Danish brands. I like that they create somewhat minimalist looks but with high quality fabric.

Shorts or skirts in the summer?

I definitely switch between the two.

High heels or sneakers?

I wish I could say I wear high-heels more often.

What is something not many people know about you?

I think people don’t realize that my dog, Popcorn, is always with me. No matter where I go she is there or wants to come. She loves to sit on top of me or in my lap which is difficult because she is pretty big. Even if I go take a shower she will be waiting for me right outside the door.

Who are your style icons past and present?

When I was younger my fashion icons were definitely the spice girls and most specifically Ginger Spice. I thought everything about her was so cool, both her attitude and style. I remember being young and wishing I had red hair because of her.

Nowadays some of my fashion icons include Pernille Tiesbaek and Negin Mirsalehi.

Favorite vacation destination?

My most recent vacation was Tulum, which I loved. It was very beautiful and relaxing. I definitely recommend it to everyone. The people there were so friendly and the food was amazing.

I really love New York as well, however, I must say my favorite vacation destination ever is Tuscany. Tuscany is the first trip I ever took with my boyfriend so besides being beautiful, it has sentimental value to me.

What are your future goals for your blog?

One of my dreams would be to be invited to fashion week by my favorite designers. I would just love to be able to sit front row one day for Stella McCartney for example.

I would also really love to write a guest column for a magazine or online platform. I think it would be a great way to expand my blogging skills.

Aside from these goals, it is a big dream of mine to develop my own brand. I am still not sure exactly what product I would like to develop but it would be great to be able to offer my followers something that is really a reflection of myself.

RENARD can be described as Elegant, Alluring and Timeless. What three words would you use to describe your style?

Wow, that’s a really great question. I never thought about that. If I think about I would describe my style as Elegant because I really like to wear very feminine accents like heels and dresses but at the same time its edgy. For example, a dress with Dr. Martens. I would also describe my style as timeless because my look is not completely dependent on trends. So I guess I would describe my style as Elegant, Edgy and Timeless.

What do you like about RENARD?

I really love that RENARD is so timeless. The design always looks good, no matter what you are wearing.

Frederique is wearing the Elite White Gold Link 

Stephanie Pot
Stephanie Pot


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