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#PeopletoWatch: Burney

Grande Silver Chrono Silver Veau Brown

You may recognise him as one of the faces of Renard, but who really is this foxy lad? Meet Burney, an all-around cool guy with great style. Burney lives in Amsterdam and owns and operates the lifestyle clothing boutique, Suit. With his infectious smile, on-point aesthetic, and shining personality its no question why we think Burney truly represents Renard.

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Suit and Burney

In what areas do you feel creative?

In my free time, something I don’t have a lot of at the moment.  A certain peace of mind helps the creative process, both at work and outside of work, for example taking two days off. I am working 6-7 days a week in my shop and what I realise is that my creativity is slowly dwindling as I am continuing to work. I am just busy with administration and facts, but when I'm free then I can spend more time dreaming and creating new visions for the shop, the collections, and social media. Peace and freedom are a great ways to foster creativity, the best ideas come from peace of mind.

What are you most proud of?

I would probably say I'm most proud of the interior, I’m very satisfied with it. I did it by myself and the inspiration all came out of a certain feeling. I have been in the business for a while now and seen lots of stores. The most fundamental elements of an interior are the bigger things like the floor and the curtains. Nothing is perfect from day one, you have to invest a lot of time and effort before you can achieve a certain feeling or touch. Recently I made a small investment in the fitting-rooms and put green tiles on the wall of the coffee corner. I am constantly busy with trying to make the store as perfect as possible. My vision of the store is a modern-classic with a funky twist-style.

What defines being well dressed for you? 

I think it is important that people understand that everybody has a unique body shape and proportions. Clothes should be in the perfect length. I tell people who visit my shop that they should look for style inspiration from men with a similar posture. If they see  well-dressed men with a similar body frame as themselves, they can see how the clothing style will fit themselves.

I really like layering, and a certain cleanliness. If you ask me how a man looks best I would say, clean and cared for and simple with a bit of layering.

How do you deal with trends? 

I don’t. I try to combine my own vision and taste with a small commercial twist, of course. What exactly is a trend? If a trend is for example 7/8 pants, then that is a good trend in my opinion. That is a trend that I will buy into, a trend that has lasted for years.  If this trend alters slightly, for instance if the pants get a bit wider then I will also sell them at my store, that is the commercial side that you have to keep up with. Sportswear for example is absolutely not my thing. I want to continue to offer clothing catered to the smart-casual man. I choose brands that I think are cool, and then I select from their collections based on my own personal taste. I once sold sneakers with text on the backside, but I stopped quickly after. That isn’t me, that is mainly China, and I don’t support that even though they sold well. That is just one example of something I can sell well but doesn’t match my personal vision so I carry it.

In what ways would you say that the new types of media have affected you?

Something that just recently caught my attention, Snapchat, is becoming interesting for stores. If I didn’t have a shop I would probably not have Facebook, I have to have these new media channels there is no question about it. However, the question is how do you deal with it.

Adjusting Strap

You have a lot of tattoo’s, could you share with us how it started? 

It started when I turned 18 because I thought they were really cool and in those days there was a different kind of scene than the last two or three years, the guys were tougher.  I didn’t necessarily want to be tough, but I romanticized the idea. I had a bunch of people around me who had tattoos and that also had a big influence on me. But also I just really like the whole tattooing process.

Most memorable tattoo?

There are actually two, if thats allowed. First, the Native American tattooed on my neck because it was fucking painful. I also had to sit in the chair for four hours while usually they last about an hour and a half. It swelled up so much and my skin bursted while being tattooed. It was really intense, in terms of it being the most painful and heavy one.

The second one is the tattoo on my hand, a rose and my fathers name, Martinus, in the cross. He passed away and this is the most beautiful of my tattoos in memory of him.

The rest of my tattoos are just things I really like because a cool artist did them or because the positioning came out really well. Positioning is insanely important because the more tattoos you get the harder it becomes to position well.


What do you like about RENARD? 

The watch itself has an elegant appearance. You can wear it casually or dress it up because it is only 6 mm wide. It is not a super chic watch, it is just attractive. It's an item that you can wear if you are wearing jeans, trousers, or shorts. It's versatile, thats is what is so nice about it. It matches the classic look.

Go visit Burney at his store Suit Amsterdam to see his collection of Renard Watches as well as other great fashion brands.

Suit Storefront

Stephanie Pot
Stephanie Pot


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