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Introducing the Elite Les Blancs

We at RENARD are proud to introduce our newest "Les Blancs" collection. A new series of timepieces with a distinct change in detail: a striking white dial. The combination of the clean white dial with the gold, silver and black details provide a classical, timeless look – but with a fresh, crisp accent. A clean and minimalistic alternative to our signature brushed dials. 

The new ‘Les Blancs Collection’ by RENARD contains eight models that are an alternative twist to the watches from the classic Elite-series. The new models are designed with a crisp white dial combined with timeless details such as gold, silver and black leather.

The new models, just like the other RENARD-watches, are enriched with refined and elegant details. For example, the watches combine a slightly domed glass over a classic watch face with straps made of luxurious Italian leather or stainless steel.

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Stephanie Pot
Stephanie Pot


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